TIME celebrates 5th Year with luncheon on board P&O Pacific Pearl

pacific pearl2

Time  celebrated  the beginning of its fifth year with a Luncheon hosted by P&O Cruises on board Pacific Pearl.

The Industry Personnel present were those who have supported and given their time  to the Program over the past five years  including  Sponsors, Mentors and  Mentees

Penny Spencer’s thank you to P&O Cruises for hosting  the event acknowledged  the people who had shared her vision  in developing the Program and making it a reality especially Judith O’Neill and Mike Hatton.  She was delighted with how TIME has evolved and paid tribute to those present for their  support of the Program over the past five years.

Time is looking forward to welcoming its 17th intake of Mentees  on 25th February 2015 and is hopeful of  welcoming its  100th Mentee on to the Program by the end of 2015.

With  a total of four Intakes during 2015 TIME will continue to develop and  grow the Program to embrace the ever changing  demands of  a vital Industry and successfully help the future leaders of the Industry achieve their goals with increased confidence and  leadership skills.

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Source = Travel Industry Mentor Experience

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