Air France Economy Fares- Dive Into 2015

Economy class – Dive Into 2015

  • Sales : 16JAN15 – 23FEB15
  • Travel : 20JAN15- 31OCT15
  • Seasonality : low – 20JAN15-30JUN15// 01SEP15-31OCT15  high – 01JUL15 – 31AUG15

V-class* : from AUD700 ex East Coast and from AUD600 ex West Coast (low season only)

Ex East Coast :
from AUD800 / low season / from AUD900 / High season
Ex West Coast : from AUD700 / low season / from AUD800 / High season

Routing: all routings permitted except travel BNE-SIN and AU via AUH on EY codeshares not allowed on V-class fare


Source = Air France

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