A Paddleboarding Santa Welcomes Pacific Jewel to Sydney


Santa did a stand up job ensuring Pacific Jewel had a festive welcome to Sydney this week before her annual Christmas cruise departed the city.

Paddleboarding on the harbour with a sack of gifts, Santa’s surprise appearance gave Sydneysiders something to smile about in the lead up to Christmas.

As the local cruise industry continues to boom, close to 6000 Australians will enjoy a tropical Christmas in the South Pacific across P&O Cruises’ three ships.

From carol singing and Christmas games to traditional roast turkey lunches and gifts from Santa, it will be a cruisey Christmas for guests, with no need to cook or wash up after the Christmas Day feast.

Source = P&O Cruises
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One thought on “A Paddleboarding Santa Welcomes Pacific Jewel to Sydney

  1. It looks distinctively like the same blue stripe which flanked the sides of the old Pacific Sky, and also the Pacific Star from not that long ago!!?? I fail to see why this has made such big headlines, there is really nothing new about the livery, I was really disappointed, expecting to see some exciting livery such is so unique to Norwegian Cruises! Perhaps they have had a shuffle of CEO/Marketing Manager, who does not remember back only 5 years??!! Rather embarrassing for their part actually!!

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