Skiddoo’s guide to planning your annual leave in 2015


Sometimes your perfect holiday may be dictated by the time you have available. Online travel bookings site  offers some tips on the best places to go in 2015, depending on how much time you have to travel.

“Every year, we have different commitments and priorities which affects how much time we have to holiday. Some years we have a big event like a wedding to attend, or cannot take a large amount of time off work at one go. Other times, we can finally take a good chunk of leave to get away and do that dream trip we’ve always talked about. No matter how long or short, you can always find a perfect trip somewhere around the world to make the best use of your precious holiday time,” says Mirza Juddani, founder, “Wherever you choose to travel in 2015, be sure to check out Skiddoo’s Boxing Day Sale – we are offering super-low fares for flights all around the world, for 24 hours only.”



Hong Kong

There is plenty to do in this exciting destination but if you do not have much time to spare, you’d be surprised what you could squeeze into a cheeky trip to city often described as the ‘New York of Asia’. Beyond its renowned shopping, there is also a plethora of great restaurants and buzzing bars, and lots or nature to explore as well. And when you are done with all that activity, Hong Kong also offers lots of spa options, from the high end to affordable traditional Chinese massages.


If you haven’t been to Singapore lately, you are in for a surprise. Thanks to a number of cafes, restaurants, shops, bars, lounges and other drinking holes that have emerged recently (and often in the most unexpected places) this island city has shed its once staid reputation and is blossoming as the new hip & ‘it’ destination in Asia. The reasonable travel time it takes to fly to and from Australia makes Singapore a perfect overseas long weekend getaway.



If you have a packed 2015 and will be in need of true rest and relaxation, a week to 10 days in Fiji will allow you to slip into Fiji time.  Do as much or as little as you like: explore pristine nature all around, dose up on island culture or simply sit by the beach or pool and enjoy the country’s famous happy smiles and warm hospitality. Fiji is also one of the best destinations in the world for travelling with kids – Fijians love children and make them feel special and important, and with kids well looked after, parents have the perfect opportunity to recharge.


Retro cool Hawaii – made famous by the eponymous TV series – is hot once more. A holiday here offers the diverse experience of spectacular nature (ever wanted to see a volcano up close?), to fantastic retail therapy, then having fun at gorgeous bars and hotels. You will often find great dining at hotels in Hawaii, and our tip is to check out the Halekulani’s Orchids and La Mer (and a great jazz bar called Lewers Lounge), as well as The Beachhouse, which is at the Moana Surfrider – a plantation style house.



You will probably want to stay longer, but you can still get a lot out of a fortnight in Japan – especially if you choose just one or two cities. In two weeks, you can contrast buzzing Tokyo – with its distinctive mix of traditional Japanese and modern cool – with old world Kyoto that will transport you to a Japan of a different time with picturesque temples, perfect gardens and elegant Geishas going about their day.


Formerly known as Burma, a trip to Myanmar will truly satisfy those who want a travelling experience that is far away from modern urban life. Two weeks will give you time to immerse this amazing destination: glimpse the ancient greatness of the Buddhist capital Bagan, sail down the Irrawaddy River, visit the Inle Lake and try the highly-underrated but sensationally delicious food everywhere you go.



It’s far, far away from Australia, but if you have the time, Iceland delivers as a holiday that will have you talking for years. Even if you are not a fan of The Game of Thrones TV series, its fiercely dramatic landscape is breathtaking to behold and timed correctly, you may be lucky enough to see the Northern Lights.  Take a dip in the Blue Lagoon or the many hot springs about, do a day trip to the Golden Circle, sail around the Arctic Circle or hang out with locals at Reykjavik. Just allow yourself plenty of time for this journey of a lifetime.


If you are lucky enough to have time on your hands in 2015, you can’t go wrong with a trip to visit different destinations in South America. The perfect gateway for your South American adventure is Buenos Aires – the fiery, beautiful, sophisticated and culturally rich capital city that never sleeps. You can easily spend two weeks in this exciting city alone and would not run out of things to do, but to mix it up, you can treat yourself to the beautiful nature of Patagonia, duck across the ditch to Uruguay to soak up the glamour of the South American Riviera, or take in the Gaucho (cowboy) culture in Salta. From Argentina, you can make your way to Bolivia (visit the Salt Lakes), Peru (beaches to Machu Picchu and other ancient to sacred sites), Chile, Ecuador and even Columbia or Venezuela, depending on how much time you have.

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