U-Tapao Ripleys Run successfully haunted 2,300 runners


Fear and fitness joined forces this month at the U-Tapao Ripley’s Run, which saw fun runners chased round the Navel Airbase by over 300 growling zombies.

The event, the first of its kind in Thailand, challenged not only the physical stamina of the runners (in the 5 km, 10.5 km and 21 km events) but also their emotional strengths, for many of the volunteer ghouls and ghosts were truly terrifying.

The routes of the run took in some of the lovely wooded areas, canals and trails of the airport, which is operated by the Royal Thai Naval Air Division. Ghouls jumped out at participants along the route which took in a haunted house, a hospital of the un-dead and even zombie pilots wandering in abandoned hangers.


 Athletes and amateurs from all over the world came to join the event, and all agreed that the costumes and fear factor made it the most original fun run they had ever taken part in.

These zombie engineers terrified everyone running through the old airport. What could be scarier than being attacked by a hungry zombie when you’re out exercising?

The U-Tapao Ripley’s Run was organised by the Royal Thai Naval Air Division, together with Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum, with support from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Over 2,300 people signed up for the fun run, which is expected to become an annual event, promoting the airport and raising money for local worthy causes.

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Source = Tourism Authority of Thailand

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