The holiday trend no one is talking about – the ‘Fakecation’’s newest research has revealed a new holiday trend no one is talking about – the ‘Fakecation’.

We’ve all done it, created elaborate excuses to avoid having to attend an event or carry out a commitment like the family dinner, Auntie Betty’s 60th birthday, the work Christmas party or the 10 year high school reunion.

In fact according to research, almost one in five (20%) Aussies are faking a holiday with the top reasons for doing so including avoiding catching up with someone they don’t want to see (50%), not having to attend the work Christmas party (16%) and surprisingly escaping having to catch-up with friends (11%).

Aussies are proving they’re pros at pulling the ‘Fakecation’ story with almost two in five (39%) getting away with it.  One in 10 (10%) Aussies have been caught red faced, with family and friends calling their bluff.

Katherine Cole, Regional Director ANZ & Singapore for the brand, says: “At we’re always watching and listening for new travel trends and the ‘Fakecation’ is one that has taken us by surprise.

“We’re expecting there will be many Aussies ta king a Fakecation leading up to Christmas party season.”

While not all Aussies have been brazen enough to fake a holiday, close to two in five (38%) admit they have considered doing so to avoid upcoming events and commitments like catching up with acquaintances (65%), attending school reunions (27%) and the work Christmas party (27%).

The research also revealed men are most inclined (20%) to use the ’Fakecation’ excuse versus women (18%), while Gen Y were the best holiday houdinis, with almost one in three (29%) admitting they’ve pulled a Fakecation.

Sydney sits at the top of the list for most favoured fake holiday destinations (26%) followed by Melbourne (23%) and Brisbane (21%). Asia also ranked highly when it comes to Aussies’ international ‘Fakecation’ destinations with Bali and Singapore taking the top spots.

While the majority (86%) of Aussies would be happy to simply tell family, friends and peers of their fake holiday plans, almost than 1 in 5 (18%) would go to the extent of posting fake holiday snaps or holiday related status updates on their social media channels. One in 10 ‘Fakecationers’ also admit to spinning their web of lies far and wide, telling family and friends about the holiday that never was with tales of their holiday experience.

For some Aussies, the ‘Fakecation’ fib has got the better of them with almost one in 10 (9%) booking a last-minute getaway in order to stay true to their word!

Ms Cole says: “For those in need of a quick escape route, is home to over 100,000 last-minute deals so you can turn a fake holiday into a fast getaway.”

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