Hotelbeds continues to grow in Asia Pacific


According to Hotelbeds’ latest statistics, the Middle East and Asia Pacific region is consolidating its position as a top global tourist destination.

Visitors are mainly travelling from the United Kingdom, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, China and Indonesia.

At the same time, the top growing source markets for the region are China, Indonesia and the Philippines due to their size, scale and market opportunities.

The signing of new agreements was a key driver of growth for Hotelbeds in the region, Hotelbeds has signed 225 new key partnerships and preferential partnership agreements (PPA) in 2014 with relevant hotel chains and independent hotels.

Urban destinations in the region attract a higher number of visitors each year and this is shown in Hotelbeds’ figures towards the region’s most vibrant cities, which are consolidating as top global tourism and business hubs.

Dubai, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur were the most visited destinations within MEAPAC and the fastest-growing destinations were Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo.

Hotelbeds managing director Carlos Muñoz said that Hotelbeds always strives to innovate their business.

“MEAPAC is our largest geographical region, as well as one of our fastest-growing markets both in terms of source markets and destinations, our commitment to constant innovation will undoubtedly continue to be key drivers for further growth,” Mr Muñoz said.

Source = ETB Travel News: Lewis Wiseman
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