MTA – Don Beattie Hands Down 12 month Report Card


 Addressing the attendees, Mr Beattie detailed the company’s ‘make good’ on several promises outlined at last year’s national conference in Canberra.

 These include the inception of a ‘Reward and Recognition’ scheme, the introduction of new website skins and delivery of a raft of innovative, high tech tools designed to build on the company’s existing Virtual Office (VO) technology.

Further IT enhancements across the period have also seen the full establishment of multiple download capability via three GDS’ – Amadeus, Galileo and Sabre – something Mr Beattie said gave MTA a leading edge in the mobile consultancy sector in this country.

 The last 12 months, he said, have also seen MTA build on its relationship with several key partners and significantly Virtuoso – Luxury Travel where MTA now ranks as the ninth best producer for onsite tour operators from the 500-odd companies invited to join the luxury travel organisation on a global basis.


Source = Mobile Travel Agents

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