MTA 2014 Conference delegates seize on professional development opportunity


With the MTA – Mobile Travel Agents  ‘Imagine-Believe-Achieve’ themed National Conference due to commence on Friday afternoon, more than 75 per cent of the 200-plus delegates attending have now registered for two of the event’s key professional development sessions.

MTA’s IT support manager Nik Donovan will be presenting on how to achieve the best results from the ever-evolving MTA Virtual Office (VO) while TechCoachHQ consultant Megan Iemma will  demonstrate how the MTA Members can effectively harness and utilise the tools that have become an every part of working life in the digital age.

MTA co-managing director, Karen Merricks said that given both events were aimed at increasing MTA Members personal productivity, it was gratifying to see so many of the conference delegates taking the opportunity to enhance their overall business capability.

“While Nik’s presentation is designed to instil ever more knowledge on itinerary and invoicing downloads as well as other newly introduced aspects of the VO, he will also be focusing on the best ways with which the MTA Members can extract maximum use from the recently rolled out website skins,” Ms Merricks said.

“This is extremely timely given more than one third of all our members have already taken advantage of the new skins and we know that many of them will be keen to see how they can best utilise the new features to enhance their overall business delivery.

“It’s very much the same with Megan Iemma’s presentation which is aimed at demonstrating how the MTA Members can better utilise their laptops, tablets and mobile phones, all of which have become an essential and everyday part of today’s digitally focused mobile workplace environment.”

Ms Merricks said the interactive professional development sessions formed a key component of the business-oriented focus placed on the 2014 conference which this year will also include presentations on taxation/accounting procedures and other ways in which MTA Members can improve the productivity-based processes the company continues to roll out on a regular basis.

Source = Mobile Travel Agents

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