Amadeus ticket changer refunds


Kenya Airways introduced ATC refund in July 2014 with Kenya as the pilot station.

We are pleased to extend this to the rest of the network effective 6th October 2014.

Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC) Refund is a new feature of the Amadeus Ticket ChangerProduct suite which uses the data stored by airlines in Airline Tariff Publishing Company, Category 33 (Voluntary Refunds) to fully automate passenger refund requests.

ATC Refund is a comprehensive solution which can handle all types of tickets and all types of fares for all types of customers.

ATC Refund significantly reduces the time spent by ticketing agents reading fare rules and making the various calculations involved, such as the fare amounts to be refunded as well as the tax and any applicable penalties.

It also helps to eliminate the risk of errors as Amadeus guarantees the Automated calculation result.

Source = Kenya Airways
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