Norfolk Island Meat In Colours: Norfolk Blue Beef


Norfolk Blue beef.

On an island where fresh food comes from the garden, the sea, or the farm that same morning, the only food here that may be older than a day is the famous Norfolk Blue beef, meat from a unique breed of cattle found only on Norfolk Island. As the name implies, Norfolk Blue cattle have bluish hides, the vestigial gene of an Angus/Shorthorn bull named Dr Blue Suit brought to the island more than 100 years ago. Nowhere else in the world can the rich flavour of a Norfolk Blue filet mignon, aged to deepen flavour, be enjoyed.


Island doorbell.


It’s not all beef at Norfolk Blue.

The original homestead on the historic 100 Acre Farm has been turned into an intimate restaurant where the hospitality is as warm as the open hearth that dominates the dining room along with the cows painted on the wall behind it. Norfolk Blue owner Robyn Menghetti gives meat-and-greet a new meaning with an ebullient enthusiasm for both her prized cattle and her guests in the restaurant, where fine cuts of meat are served in a true paddock to plate experience. Norfolk Blue’s second location, the more casual The Blue Bull, is named not only for a clever boost in marketing; even though this informal establishment is located in town in Burnt Pine, there is indeed a blue steer named Blue Boy right out the back.


Norfolk Blue bull.


Norfolk Blue cattle.

To learn all about the history and production of Norfolk Blue beef, it is possible to take a farm tour that gives insight into the meticulous research and attentive care required in the production of this special heritage herd. As tour participants soon learn, meat is not the only speciality of the house at Norfolk Blue; a morning or afternoon tea will reveal the skill of the restaurant’s chef in making scones in an establishment where dessert is a must. Even if dessert is preferred at home, Norfolk Blue provides that possibility with its Home Menu that can be picked up or delivered with just a phone call.

A dinner featuring Norfolk Blue beef is just about two hours’ flying time from Brisbane, Sydney, and Auckland with Air New Zealand‘s nonstop flights.



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