Pro-democracy protests may affect travel to Hong Kong

hongkong protests

Pro-democracy protests have erupted across the streets of Hong Kong, recently turning aggressive as police have now resorted to using tear gas to halt the protestor’s progress.

The protests spawned from Beijing, where the government stated they would allow elections but they would choose the candidates, and the public believe it is a fake democracy, as reported the Sydney Morning Herald.

As a result, the protests have caused widespread travel chaos to Hong Kong with many schools and businesses also shut.

A representative from the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) in Sydney told ETB News that currently, operation in most districts in Hong Kong remains normal, with various areas including Admirality, Central, Causeway Bay and Mong Kok impacted by special incidents.

“We advise visitors to avoid these areas until further notice, unless necessary, and our visitor centres at major ports-of-entry and in the city, as well as the HKTB visitor hotline, is standing by ready to provide visitors with assistance,” HKTB said.

No airlines have halted their services to and from Hong Kong, however Cathay Pacific did offer some advice for travellers, saying public transport around the airport is likely to be affected.

Travellers needing public transport are advised to have a backup plan for reaching their destination, due to train lines across the city being blocked off by protestors.

The main concern is that the protests will make their way to mainland China, which may cause them to get out of control and severely affect travel to the Asian nation.

Meanwhile, despite the protests towards the government, the city’s stock exchange says it will operate as usual, although the Hong Kong Monetary Authority says 17 banks have been forced to close 29 branches across the city.

Due to the banks closing, Hong Kong’s shares tumbled and the Hong Kong dollar hit a six-month low, and if the protests don’t draw to an end soon the economy could get worse.

For further up to date information, please see HKTB’s official website

Source = ETB News: Lewis Wiseman & Lana Bogunovich
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