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From October, customers using Heathrow Terminal 5 and Terminal 3 will receive ‘push notifications’ on smartphones informing them when their gate is open and when the aircraft is boarding, so they can enjoy the airport experience to its potential.

British Airways app is one of the first to take advantage of a new feature in iOS 8, the latest version of Apple’s iPhone software. Customers can now find their flight status in the iPhone notification centre, so they can stay up to date without even opening the app – as featured at Apple’s live event recently.

Acting on customer feedback, iPhone customers with the British Airways app will receive a personalised welcome pop up message and WiFi password when entering the Terminal 5 lounge. British Airways is the first UK airline to use iBeacon technology in its lounges, to show notifications based on location.

Drew Crawley, British Airways’ chief commercial officer, said: “We have a unique opportunity to address customer needs and offer intuitive ways of making their journey even smoother. It’s these thoughtful features – from alerting customers to gate announcements, to Wi-Fi passwords, that truly add value.

“The potential to optimise mobile and digital technology is endless, but requires a careful balance of adding value without bombarding customers.”

British Airways offers a twice-daily service from Singapore to London and a daily service to Sydney.

All flights from Singapore to London arrive at Terminal 5, the airline’s state-of-the-art home at London Heathrow. Terminal 5 is exclusive to customers of British Airways and its sister airline, Iberia, and serves as the gateway to British Airways’ extensive European and North American route networks.

The British Airways iPhone app is currently the highest rated airline app available and has been downloaded more than four million times since launch. As well as iPhone devices, it’s available on Android, Amazon Appstore, BlackBerry and Windows Phone models.


Source = British Airways
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