MTA Takes Members’ Integrated Personal Website Functionality To New Levels

MTAMTA – Mobile Travel Agents has commenced rolling out phase two of its fully integrated, fully supported website offering for each of its 360 Members with the delivery of a three-tiered choice of ‘personal’ website skins.

MTA co-managing director, Karen Merricks said the websites had been designed in direct response to MTA Member feedback.

“A key feature of the fully-integrated website skins lies in their ability to be utilised and viewed on all platforms including mobile devices, “ Ms Merricks said.

“The need to differentiate the websites by business type i.e. Leisure, Luxury or Corporate, had become necessary due to our ever increasing demand in the luxury and Corporate segments.”

The roll out of the new skins follow the launch earlier this year of a raft of innovative, high tech tools designed to build on the company’s existing Virtual Office (VO) technology.

These include enhanced, integrated invoice and itinerary systems, live credit card and eNett supplier payment capability, automated BPAY allocations, client profile upgrades and an ‘Export itineraries to Microsoft Word’ function allowing MTA Members to tailor any generated itinerary to suit specific client requirements.

CIO Ben Merricks said the release of the website skins, which are provided free to MTA Members, continues the company’s focus to develop in-house, state of the art IT systems for the Members.

“The IT department has been overwhelmed with requests for the new skins,” he said.

“We had more than 60 Members place their orders for a new luxury or corporate skin within the first few days of their coming on line.

“Again it’s a major and very positive step forward with great benefits for everyone – both our MTA Members and their customers.”


Source = MTA – Mobile Travel Agents

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