The New Le Boat App

220752With the new Le Boat App, maps, points of interest and detailed information about our cruising regions, now available at your fingertips.

It has everything you need to help you prepare & plan your boating holiday and assist you while you’re cruising.

The new Le Boat App is the essential tool for your boating holiday, packed with amazing features including:

  • Interactive map of your itinerary with geo-localised content
  • Information on your current speed, and upcoming locks, moorings & points of interest to help guide you as you cruise.
  • Personalised pre-departure information, a what-top-pack guide and a check list to ensure you’re ready for the off!
  • Direct access to your cruise & boat details using your booking reference (invoice) number.
  • How-to Videos and helpful contact information such as local doctors and taxis.

 Notes about Compatibility : The LeBoat App is compatible with Androïd (V4 & above) and IOS (V7 and above). Device should have a GPS feature to be able to download and use the app.


Source = Le Boat
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