Travellers Choice adds ‘refreshing’ Orange agency


(L-R) Travellers Choice CEO Christian Hunter, Orange Journeys MD
Floris Fluitsma and Travellers Choice BDM NSW Bruce Russ.

Travellers Choice is adding even more innovation and colour to its NSW network by today welcoming its newest member, Orange Journeys, a Sydney-based company taking a ‘fresh’ and distinctly European approach to travel retailing.

Located in the southern Sydney-suburb of Cronulla, Orange Journeys is the brainchild of Floris Fluitsma, who recently moved to Australia from the Netherlands, where he was Managing Director of Amsterdam-based adventure tour company Sawadee Reizen.

Floris fell in love with Australia 12 years ago when, as part of an MBA student-exchange program, he spent time at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. Four years ago his passion was rekindled when Sawadee Reizen became part of the PEAK Adventure Travel Group, which also owns Australian brands Peregrine and Intrepid Travel.

“When we joined PEAK I had the opportunity to come back to Australia and I realised there is no other country in which I feel as comfortable,” says Floris. “I love the culture, the people and the way this country organises itself.”

Floris says the decision to name his first Australian venture Orange Journeys was more than simply a nod to his Dutch heritage.

“When you eat an orange you feel refreshed, and we want to bring that same feeling of invigoration to the way we market our business,” he says. “One of the ways we are doing that is by complementing our travel agency operation with a range of our own international special interest tours, focused on everything from cooking and art to yoga and photography.

“Our team also boasts enormous experience in terms of digital marketing, and we will be using those skills and our unique products to differentiate ourselves from competitors.”

Floris says he was immediately attracted to Travellers Choice because an entrepreneurial spirit was evident at the heart of the organisation and its members.

“I was also impressed by the extraordinary level of transparency and the fact that every member of the group’s national network is responsible for running their own business.

“When you join some organisations you more or less get a rule book in the mail, but with Travellers Choice you get a one-page document. That’s because you make all the important decisions about your business, and the company then backs you up with marketing support and a range of sophisticated services.”

Travellers Choice Chief Executive Christian Hunter says Orange Journeys is a natural fit for the country’s leading network of independent agents.

“Our members come from an incredibly diverse range of backgrounds, but one of things that bind them together is a determination to be in control of their own destinies,” says Hunter.

“As a member shareholder of Travellers Choice, Orange Journeys is free to chart its own course, while at the same time it can help shape the broader strategic direction of our network and share in our ongoing financial success.”


Source = Travellers Choice
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