Express Insurance adds agency insolvency options


Express Insurance, the QBE travel insurance product for Orient Express Travel Group, has launched a new package which covers the financial default of travel agents, scheduled service airlines, hotels, cruise, railway and attraction operators.

It is available exclusively to the 570 agency members of OETG’s Independent Travel Group, Select Travel Group and italktravel franchises stores.

The new financial default protection provides cover of up to $10,000 per adult on the International Comprehensive and Annual Multi Trip travel plans.

OETG CEO Tom Manwaring today also announced an head office subsidised rate to join AFTA/ATAS, regardless of agency turnover. The total subsidised cost to members is from $610 and subject to the AFTA/ATAS criteria..

“The exclusive Express Insurance customer product, plus the AFTA/ATAS offer, is a simple customer protection experience and member revenue earner that satisfies a lot of the uncertainty felt by parts of the industry post TCF,” he said.

“We believe we are first to market to protect consumers across the majority of industry exposures, and have PDS (Product Disclosure Statements) available throughout our network for consumer review. It’s a no brainer at a customer cost of a ‘good” cup of coffee a day !”

New competitive rate cards have been issued across the full range of Express Insurance products, importantly covering , at no extra cost, financial default of agency members, within the International Comprehensive, Essentials, Annual MultiTrip and Australian Comprehensive travel plans.

”We are very excited to be offering this new QBE travel insurance product to all our member agents and franchisees,” he said. “The very competitive pricing offered through Express Insurance to our members’ customers is a win for all.”

The added bonus for members is they earn a very good preferred commission rate on every sale, Mr Manwaring said.


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Disclaimer: Express Insurance is issued by QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited ABN 78 003 191 035 AFSL 239545 .Orient Express Travel Group Pty Ltd ABN22 137 526 599 AR 371001 is an authorised representative of QBE.


Source = Independent Travel Group

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