Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic announces special guests on upcoming voyages

KS_0709_008Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic has announced a range of special guests for the next year as part of its Global Perspectives Speakers Program, including new itineraries with the legendary Peter Hillary, as well as anthropologist Dr. Lawrence Blair.

Depending on the expedition, guests could be exploring with an astronaut or a National Geographic Explorer-In-Residence, a scientist doing research in the region being explored, an author, a foreign dignitary, even a former Prime Minister. Chosen to share the expedition experience as active participants and fellow travellers, guests will hear them in the context of their lounge talks, and spend time with them while cruising in a Zodiac, over a drink, at recap or during dinner.

Global Perspectives Speakers onboard the National Geographic Explorer:

Peter Hillary:

Following in the footsteps of his father, Sir Edmund Hillary – the first mountaineer to summit Mount Everest – Peter has climbed the highest mountain on every continent, including Mount Everest five times. His 2002 climb is the subject of the National Geographic documentary, “Everest: 50 Years on the Mountain.” Peter’s experiences include one where he was the sole survivor of a storm that claimed seven other climbers at more than 26,000 feet on K2, the world’s second highest mountain. Peter will be on the Kimberley with Spice Islands expedition departing 10 August 2014, and on the Journey to Antarctica: The White Continent departing 28 January & 7 February, 2015, where guests encounter the Antarctic Peninsula and the surrounding islands and waterways.

Ana Palacio:

As former Foreign Minister of Spain, Ana Palacio was the first woman to fill this role and hold the most senior female position in Spanish Government at that time. Ana was a crucial player in the debate regarding the European Union and has been recognised by The Wall Street Journal as one of the “75 Global Opinion Leaders” and one of the “12 Influential Players on the World Business Stage.” Ana will travel on ‘An Island Odyssey: Azores, Canaries & Cape Verde’ on 22 September 2014. Guests will explore the best of island life through an active volcano, hot springs, and encounter a range of marine wildlife, including sperm whales and dolphins.

Barry Lopez:

Author of 14 books of fiction and nonfiction, including Arctic Dreams, for which he received the National Book Award, and Of Wolves and Men, a finalist for the National Book Award. He is the recipient of the Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the John Burroughs Medal for natural history writing, and the Christopher Medal for humanitarian writing, as well as other major awards. He is an elected Fellow of The Explorers Club. Barry will join the journey to Arctic Svalbardon on 9 June 2015.

Additional speakers on Antarctic voyages include Pulitzer Prize-winning author Edward Larson, Scientist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Kendrick Taylor, environmental scientist Joe McConnell and journalist and author Fen Montaigne. Additional departures are 29 Nov; 9, 19 and 29 Dec 2014; 8, 18 and 28 Jan; 7 Feb 2015.

Global Perspectives Speakers onboard the National Geographic Orion:

Lawrence Blair:

As an expert on the culture, geography and zoology of Indonesia, Lawrence has spent much of three decades exploring and making films in Indonesia and is an Emmy Award winner for his internationally acclaimed series Ring of Fire. He is also the writer and producer of films such as Baraka and Bali-Island of Dogs – which won Best Overall Film Award at the Balinale International Film Festival in 2011. Lawrence will be travelling as a Global Perspectives Speaker on three voyages – the first two being the Camp Leakey: Faces in the Forest expeditions departing 18 and 28 September 2014. Guests will explore the reefs of the Natuna and Anambas archipelagos and spot orangutans in the Camp Leakey Research Centre. The third voyage will be the Spice Island Adventure from Bali to the Great Barrier Reef departing 20 October 2014. Guests will be able to see Komodo dragons in the wild, snorkel and dive at coral reefs from the Moluccas to West Papua.

Carol Kidu:

Dame Carol Kidu has lived in Papua New Guinea for more than 40 years, working as a teacher and part of the Papua New Guinean Government. Carol has been awarded three Honorary Doctorates and Dameship from the British Empire in 2005. Carol will travel on ‘Exploring the Coral Sea: Papua New Guinea to Fiji’ departing 5 November 2014. Guests on board will snorkel famous wrecks, trace the history of the Battle of the Coral Sea and the legends of the ancient Melanesians.

Jared Diamond:

Jared Diamond is the author of Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed and the widely acclaimed Guns, Germs and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies, which won him a Pulitzer Prize. Jared will travel on ‘Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands’ departing 15 February 2015. This trip combines the magic of the Antarctic with the Falkland’s incredible bird colonies and South Georgia’s penguin colonies.


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