New Graduate Program Combines International Travel with a Fast Tracked Path to Leadership!

216262Fresh graduates it’s time to sit up and take notice! A new program released this semester is helping aspiring leaders dodge the 9-5 grind and office politics to enter the competitive travel industry on a fast tracked path to success.

With a winning combination of travel, world class professional development programs and an additional $10,000 annual bursary, this highly coveted program offers graduates full industry training and real hands on experience, plus dedicated mentors to ensure every graduate gets the most out of this once in a life time opportunity.

Best of all, graduates who successfully complete the leadership program are guaranteed a leadership position, a benefit that former member of the graduate program Jessica Trusz can attest to:

“I hadn’t had much experience, but I knew that I wanted a career with a global organisation and the option to ‘fast track’ to leadership seemed like a great opportunity to put the skills I’d learnt at university into the workplace.

I set myself the goal to become Team Leader of my store within 12 months and I knew I really had to perform to get there. I’m proud to say that I have recently achieved my goal and have taken on a store and team of my own.

Flight Centre have given me so much training and support during my year at the company. As a Team Leader, I get to run my own business within a huge global organisation. ”

The Business Leadership Graduate program offered by Flight Centre Travel Group is now accepting applications from graduates across the country, with assessment days scheduled in each metropolitan centre.


Source = Flight Centre Travel Group
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