Air New Zealand confirms fleet investment

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Air New Zealand has announced it is to make a further investment in its fleet, signing a purchase agreement for 13 new Airbus A320neo (new engine option) aircraft to its international fleet and an additional A320 for its domestic operation.

The new A320neo will replace the airline’s current 13 strong fleet of A320s, which will aim to reach up to 15 percent in fuel savings thanks to the new generation engines and fuel efficient Sharklet wing tip devices.

Meanwhile, the new A321 aircraft will feature an additional 38 seats compared to the current A320 and will allow for future growth on routes across the Tasman and to the Pacific.

“This is an exciting new development for Air New Zealand as we continue our unprecedented investment in next generation aircraft and tool the business up for growth, with the new fleet ensuring we continue to operate one of the world’s youngest jet fleets and further enhance the experience for our customers, while driving fuel efficiency and minimising our carbon foot print,” Air New Zealand chief executive offer Christopher Luxon said.

Furthermore, operating one narrow body aircraft type fleet will bring important efficiencies in training, maintenance and operating costs.

The first A321neo is due late 2017 with deliveries expected through until 2019, while the A320 aircraft will be delivered in early 2015.

Meanwhile, Air New Zealand’s controversial in-flight safety video featuring bikini-clad Swimsuit Illustrated models has been pulled after it received an online backlash deeming it “sexist” and “culturally insensitive”.

Source = ETB News: Lana Bogunovich
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