Sydney Opera House: Charming Leo


Leo at the Sydney Opera House Playhouse.

Now on at The Sydney Opera House, Leo is living proof that the best ideas are often the simplest.  One man, no words, three walls, and a floor―but which are the walls and which is the floor?

Cleverly employing a film screen the same size as the set, Leo takes spatial perception to a new level.  Handsome French acrobat William Bonnet entertains the audience with his deft performance, leaving spectators to wonder which way is up when switching attention from the man in the flesh to the same live action shown on the screen.  In a world where computer-generated effects and Photoshop are the norm in visual presentation of film and imagery, the absence of trickery and manipulation in Leo only adds to the enjoyment of Mr Bonnet’s talent, which combines the silent but communicative facial expressions of his countryman Marcel Marceau with the athleticism of an Olympic gymnast.  More than just a series of physical moves with musical accompaniment, Leo has a storyline that charms the audience as it develops throughout the hourlong production.

Leo is a show for the whole family, a rare piece of theatre that entertains both children and adults at the appropriate levels of comprehension.  If looking for an Opera House experience that delivers a high degree of satisfaction for a bargain price, Bonnet as Leo is your man.  Why not make a day of it and take a VIP tour of the Sydney Opera House before the performance?

Sydney Opera House Playhouse
until 13 July 2014


Source = ETB News: Robert La Bua

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