SEEK report: Tourism employer branding essential to pull talent


According to SEEK’s Australian Industry Insights Report, Australia’s tourism and hospitality sector  needs to consider their work/life cultures and branding to attract the best talent.

The SEEK report also finds that tourism and hospitality hirers must understand the motivations of the talent they are trying to chase or risk losing the best people.

SEEK managing director Joe Powell said that the tourism sector has a promising future.

“With the Australian Government Department of Employment predicting the creation of an additional 49,000 roles by 2017, the tourism and hospitality sector has a very healthy outlook,” Mr Powell said.

The report also finds that in the year to May 2014, Victoria had the highest tourism ad growth with a 25 per cent increase followed by South Australia with an 18 per cent increase.

In addition, Chefs, Cooks and Managers receive the highest volume of ad views, up to 80,000 views per month, however they also received the lowest number of applicants.

“Hirers looking to attract skilled workers or convert views into applications cannot afford to post vague job descriptions and must instead look to writing punchy ads that showcase the company’s strengths as an employer, industry awards and workplace culture,” Mr Powell said.

Source = ETB News: Tom Neale
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