Rail Plus welcomes back France with $50 Hoyts gift cards

210948To celebrate the welcome return of France to the Eurail Select Pass, Rail Plus is giving away $50 Hoyts gift cards.

French rail operator SNCF officially re-joined the Eurail Select Pass on 1 April 2014. At the same time, the selection of Eurail Select passes was simplified, with a single pass now offering unlimited travel through four adjoining European countries (and the previous three- and five-country passes withdrawn).

To be in the running for the new competition, all agents need to do is to go online and book a Eurail Select Pass that includes France, then answer the following three simple questions:

  • What date did France re-join the Eurail Select Pass?
  • Previously travellers could book a three-, four- or five-country Select Pass. Since 1 April 2014 how many countries have been covered by a Eurail Select Pass?
  • The Eurail Select Pass has a variety of travel days that can be purchased within a two month period. Name the days?

All bookings must be made and paid for between 6 June and 30 June 2014 to receive the $50 Hoyts gift card*. Agents should email their answers and booking number to Rail Plus.

*Agents receive one gift card per booking.


Source = Rail Plus
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