PEUGEOT LEASING – Super Sizzling Summer Sale

DriveAway Holidays have drastically reduced Peugeot Leasing vehicles for lease durations of 30 days or more. Take advantage of the Super Sizzling Summer Sale for collections until the end of 2014 when booking by June 6th.

Prices start from just $41 per day for a 45 day lease of a Peugeot 208 Economy 1.2L Petrol BVM, with additional days costing just $28 per day.* Previous Peugeot Leasing customers since 2005 also qualify for 3 additional BONUS FREE days.

The following models have been reduced:

  • 208 Economy, petrol 1.2L BVM (EDMVD7)
  • 208 Pack, petrol 1.2L BVM, GPS (EDMVD2)
  • 2008 Pack, petrol 1.6L BVM, GPS (EFMVD1)
  • 2008 Pack, diesel 1.6L BVM, GPS (EFMVD1)
  • 308 Nouvelle Pack, diesel 1.6L BVM, GPS (CDMDD6)
  • 308 SW Ancienne Pack, diesel 1.6L BVM, GPS, Cielo (CWMDD4)
  • 3008 Pack, diesel 1.6L BVM, GPS, Cielo (CFMDD4)
  • 3008 Select, diesel 1.6L BVM, GPS, Cielo (CFMDD5)
  • 508 SW Select 2L HDI BVM, GPS, Mi-Cuir, Cielo (FWMDD4)

So drive Europe in style…The Peugeot Open Europe program is ideal for longer durations of between 30 days – 175 days, giving access to drive through more than 30 European countries.

To book, simply visit, call our dedicated Peugeot Reservations Team on 1300 363 500 or see your local travel agent.

*conditions apply.


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