Top Opportunities For South Pacific Tourism Exchange Buyers And Sellers To Do Business

South Pacific Tourism OrganisationAccording to Mr Ilisoni Vuidreketi, CEO of the South Pacific Tourism Organisation, organisers of the South Pacific Tourism Exchange, taking place in Auckland on 22 and 23 May, 2014, registered buyers and sellers will be provided with top opportunities to do South Pacific business.

Registered buyers will be provided with direct marketing appointments with exhibitors representing Pacific Islands hotels/resorts, inbound tour operator, airline and other key tourism partners, in-depth product training, opportunities to strengthen partnerships with key Pacific islands operators, providing buyers with added value to participation at ATE and/or TRENZ 2014, and most importantly, a means to help growing buyers’ business to the South Pacific.

Registered sellers receive access to up to 50 international wholesalers and tour operators enthusiastic about growing their business into the South Pacific, media and PR exposure through the SPTE media programme, market intelligence and growth strategy feedback via pre-scheduled appointments, and a strengthening of networks with travel and tourism partners from around the region.

Mr Vuidreketi said that the timing of SPTE 2014 has been carefully chosen to coincide with the conclusion of TRENZ 2014 on Wednesday 21 May 2014, with TRENZ New Zealand’s largest travel and tourism exchange, attracting up to 260 international buyers, adding that he envisaged that a large number of TRENZ participants would add SPTE 2014 to their itinerary.

Mr Vuidreketi added that with convenient and direct access into the Pacific, Auckland is not only the most cost effective destination to host the event, but it is also a key source market for many Pacific island countries and as a result, offering regional participants opportunities to strengthen partnerships with their New Zealand counterparts while in Auckland.


Source = South Pacific Tourism Organisation
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