The Kiwi’s are Rocking it

I’m at Auckland airport having finished a few days meeting with Kiwi agents, partners, some friends and a couple of industry heavy weights.  Had some great craft beer this afternoon.

The Kiwi’s are a super happy bunch just now.  Agents are happy. People are happy.  It serves the purpose of being a nice mirror to hold up to the Australian marke , to give some perspective and  a very positive spin on the future.

They have seen through the economic doom and gloom

Is it just me, or are Kiwi’s a bit more of a relaxed version of Aussies? They are shaking off any financial “doom and glom shackles” and even laughing at sheep jokes.

Whilst we keep hearing about negativity (noticed how Michael Pascoe in Australia recently is saying, hang on, its not so bad) Kiwi’s have decided its lots of words, stuff we can’t change, and we have living and travelling to do. It’s nice to be around.  The positivity is infectious.

Maybe, just maybe, more Australians will see life ain’t so bad (and go on a trip.)

Their Industry is stable

Whether you like the idea of ATAS over TCF, whether you like Mayo vs Westbury, Jetset over Helloworld, CEO changeovers, $11M fines …. there is a lot of change and conflict that dominates our landscape just now.

Change and negativity frustrates people, they feel paralysed, it makes decisions harder to make.  Remember last year when the election was announced, the dollar dropped in value? Agents reported 2 weeks passed without people walking through the door. Elections unsettle the masses.

NZ?  Bro, they are just getting on with it.

They are more progressive than Oz.

The New Zealand dairy industry is going great guns.  We are largely selling our cows (and food security) to offshore buyers.  Yes, a smaller population is by virtue more dynamic, but the Kiwi’s are DOING things.

The number one App just now in NZ?  It’s by House of Travel. We developed Trip in a Pocket a couple of years ago.  To be honest, HOT  have done it right. Agency groups are questioning things like preferred arrangements, seeking new ideas and asking the right questions. They are not accepting a 1.5% over ride for which they are paying 4% more, or feeling excited about reward points which they can’t place a dollar value on.

At the moment, they are making it look easy.

So what does it mean for us?

My feeling always has been that drama sells more ad space, so people get sucked in by negative news a lot more than positive.  Time to understand before worry.  But time to act rather than put off.

Once the sky has not fallen come July 1 when Helloworld contracts kick in and TCF goes farewell, maybe you’ll feel better.

If not, take 2 of these and call me in the morning.  With the time zone difference, I should be awake at 5.


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