Groundbreaking online kit helps Australian tourism sector


Australian tourism businesses have benefited from the creation of a new Tourism e-kit, in their marketing and promotional activities.

The e-kit is an online education program that helps Australian tourism businesses market their products and create branding opportunities and was designed by the Australian government.

The tourism e-kit features 60 tutorials across nine topics, including how to build a website information and content featuring specific examples including online bookings and distribution.

In response to a number of Destination Marketing Organisations (DMOs), the e-kit is now being licensed by the government for use by tourism businesses all over the world.

Liz Ward, the chief executive officer of the Australian Tourism Data warehouse which manages the e-kit on behalf of Australian DMOS, said that the positive response was much greater than was expected.

“This free online training tool has been more successful than anyone could have predicted,” Ms Ward said.

“It has been downloaded more than 350,000 times and earned National and State awards including recognition at the recent Australian National Tourism.” 

Source = ETB News: Tom Neale
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