First Student to Graduate from North’s First Heli Flight Training School

GBR Helicopters2Branded a model student with a passion for flying, Katie Miller, 32 of Cairns, this week became GBR Helicopters’ new flight training school’s first student to graduate with a helicopter pilot’s license.

GBR Helicopter’s director, Chris Cooper said Katie was among the first students to join the company’s flight training school that opened in Mareeba last November.  There are a further 21 students currently in the process of completing their training with three trainee pilots fast approaching their own exam day.

“We are proud to have Katie as our first graduate.  According to our Senior Flight Instructor, Tim Borella, she was an enthusiastic student who showed great commitment to the program and managed to complete her flying time and pass her theory exams in record time.”

Mr Cooper said Katie was already a confident pilot, having attained her fixed wing license in 2011 and as a result of that training, was able to undertake a conversions course.  This enabled her to take advantage of a reduction in flying time.

Katie, who is originally from the central NSW town of Forbes, said she arrived in Cairns a year ago with the intention of gaining her helicopter pilot’s license.  “At that stage there was no flight training school so when GBR opened theirs late last year, I was quick to join.”

When comparing helicopters to fixed wing airplanes, Katie said she much prefers to fly ‘choppers’.  “While the ability to fly helicopters is a serious career aspiration for me, I actually enjoyed every minute of the learning process.  It is so much more fun than fixed wing flying.”


Source = GBR Helicopters
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