Papua New Guinea: “Every day is a stand out moment”


Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority, together with GTI Tourism, hosted seven Aussie travel enthusiasts last week, as they embarked on an eye opening, adventure filled journey in Papua New Guinea, immersing themselves in the country’s wild, natural beauty.

Spending most of their time in the remote and beautiful area of Milne Bay, the adventurous group threw caution to the wind as they plunged deep into discovering and exploring the exciting and diverse offerings of the lush province.

Enjoying an abundance of exciting and vast activities, including snorkelling, diving, island hopping, hiking, bird watching and a thrilling swim with manta rays, the adventurers also experienced a range of accommodation and warm hospitality thanks to Crowne Plaza Hotel, Tawali Resort, Driftwood Resort, Doini Island Plantation Resort and Loloata Island Resort.

The group also interacted with remote villages and communities, getting a taste of the locals’ simple island life culture through performances, crafts, markets and freshly prepared island food, before travelling back in time to explore the rich World War 2 history of the province’s capital, Alotau.

From adventure and thrills to culture and history, Papua New Guinea’s diverse tourism offerings allowed the group to get the true essence of “The PNG Experience”.

Nostalgia set in quickly amongst the group on their final night, as the “Land of Adventure” mesmerised and charmed them one final time with a spectacular sunset performance during a champagne cruise hosted by Loloata Island Resort, proving true that “every day is a stand out moment in Papua New Guinea”.   

To see what the group got up to, check out our gallery here.

Source = ETB News: L.B.
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