Etihad’s Aussie emergency

Etihad A330

Instrument failure has forced an Etihad Airways flight to make an emergency landing at Brisbane.

The Airbus A330 service from Brisbane to Singapore on 21 November issued a mayday call shortly after take-off, returning to Brisbane Airport safely, reported.

Flight EY473, carrying approximately 250 passengers, was forced to land after experiencing a “flight deck instrument failure”.

“The flight crew followed all standard operational procedures, declared an emergency, and made a precautionary landing,” a Brisbane Airport spokesperson told AFP.

“The aircraft landed without incident and all passengers and crew are safe… passengers are being re -booked to continue their journey on alternate carriers.”

Etihad Airways recently established a new regional carrier in Switzerland, following the announcement of its largest ever fleet order earlier this week.

Source = ETB News: P.T.
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