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The Australian Travel Agent Barometer (ATAB) has revealed a high level of confidence for the future of the retail travel industry, while the internet has had the largest impact on business operations.

The inaugural survey gathered responses from almost 200 Australian travel agents and owner managers, in an effort to understand their views and deliver feedback to industry leaders and suppliers.

90 percent of consultants rated their confidence in Australia’s travel industry from okay to excellent, while 70 percent of retail travel agent owners shared the same view.

The vast majority of consultants revealed they intend on being a part of the industry for at least the next five years and possibly beyond.

The continuous growth and extent of the internet is a major concern for agents and owners alike, with 50 percent of consultants stating that the internet has directly impacted their business.

However, 70 percent of consultants believe that they are increasingly competitive when it comes to internet price comparisons and far superior in terms of customer service.

Further detailed analysis and a full report from the ATAB will be available later this month on the Australian Travel Agent Barometer website:

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Source = ETB News: P.T.
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