The industry wants more TIME…

Having announced that there would be no further intakes into the Travel Industry Mentor Experience (TIME) program for 2013, the TIME Board has been inundated with enquiries from prospective Mentees, wishing to participate in the program and in their words “ the sooner the better”. The next intake was scheduled for February 2014 but given the interest expressed, the TIME Board will be initiating a further intake on 4th September 2013. So interested prospective Mentees and ideally their employing companies, need to get into action and indicate their wish to participate or to sponsor a staff member or two on the program.

In support of this further 2013 intake, THINK e-procurement  one of TIME’s newest sponsors, will be offering a scholarship opportunity to eligible industry employees, so contact TIME for full details. THINK’s interest in TIME’s program has come  about from their CEO    Adam Ryan    who cites the benefits he enjoyed to his career and personal development through generous  and skilled mentoring.

The TIME Board is looking forward to an even bigger 2014 and will be investigating the development of an additional shorter 12 week program in 2014 specifically with the home based agent in mind. TIME will be in discussions with several of the home based organisations and hopes to announce full details of this new product in the New Year.

With 4th September looming and our next intake and networking function scheduled at Toga Hospitality’s Vibe Hotel in Goulburn Street, Sydney, there is not much TIME to get your applications in  so act now.  And travel organisations wishing to spend their “staff development” budget wisely, should consider menteeships. Talk to TIME to discuss your specific needs.  Your staff will thank you for the experience and your bottom line will benefit from motivated employees who feel valued.

Source = TIME

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