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Hello and greetings from Rick Coles of Coles International Training. Today I thought I would introduce myself to you via video. (See link below) A short look at my training outlook. Following that an introduction to leadership and some of the things I will be talking about in print or video over the next months. Leadership is a vast subject so only 3-4 minutes at a time or a couple of paragraphs at a time. I know you are busy. Hope these tips or reflections will help you in your work and business. I was in the travel industry as well for over 35 years in a number of countries, so hope to address issues of interest.  

I will tell you about an exciting new mobile app I will offer you in weeks ahead that can assist you in your continuing study of leadership but as well Sales and Customer service. We have developed an online platform to deliver personal development training as well. This training can be offered after careful consultation, to an organisation in one country or the whole international network. It is produced according to your specific needs, challenges, mission, strategy, etc. It will be a cost and time effective way to get new messages and learning out to the teams in your network.

During weeks ahead, I will include bites (either print or video) on EQ -Emotional quotient, building teams, conflict resolution, problem solving, managing and leading change, communication, and of course customer service. All of these and more that have such an impact on those in the travel and hospitality sectors.

As well I will talk about building your differentiators in business, value adding, career enhancers, capitalisation, considerable amount on sales, building long lasting mutually beneficial relationships in travel and hospitality sector, how to reach your potential, smart use of time, exceeding expectations and much more.

I would enjoy hearing from you. If you have any question or subjects you would like me to cover, contact me or via this online publication. So have a listed these two short videos and I’ll be back to you in week or so. If you would like a quote on our training and consulting, please contact me.

At Coles International Training we understand the travel industry well and the importance of customer service and sales. Rick Coles has worked with the best and trained the best. Differentiate yourself – place yourself above your competition in every way you can. Customer service is one of the most important ways. It will ultimately contribute to your bottom line.

Ask me how we do it in our training. It’s called maximizing your “Moments of Truth”, and Capitalising on your unique strengths.

All the best!

Richard Coles
+61 4341 52545

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