Woman accuses airline of killing her cat

  “The airline that killed my pet.”

An Indian woman has labelled Jet Airways “the airline that killed my pet” after her cat escaped its holding cage and was run over by a vehicle at Delhi Airport.

Ms Preeti Varma was booked on a Delhi-Singapore Jet Airways flight and handed her cat, who was agitated, to airline officials for boarding, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Prior to departure Ms. Varma said she was approached by a Jet Airways official who informed her that her cat was “no more” and allegedly encouraged her to hurry up, so as not to miss her flight.

Before the cat was loaded on to the plane, her cage opened – it is unclear how – and she leapt onto the tarmac, where she was run over by a vehicle, according to CCTV footage witnessed by Ms Varma.

“I want them to apologise… if they are going to have live animals on board, they need people who know how to take care of animals… it’s not baggage,” Ms Varma said.

Jet Airways spokesperson A.K. Sivanandan said owners are responsible for the safety of their pets, and that they board them at their own risk.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T.
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