Thailand Hosts: World Spa & Well-being Convention 2013

The Thai Spa Association (TSPA) will again organise the World Spa & Well-being Convention under the management of IMPACT Exhibition Management Services, drawing together spa and wellness industry professionals from around the world in this the most significant spa and wellness event of its kind in the region. With the ASEAN Economic Community around the corner, the event will feature Thai and international spa innovations and educational options, and highlight the important role of the spa business for the continued growth of the tourism industry in the region. The event will be held from 18 – 21 September 2013 at Hall 4, IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand. More than 5,000 visitors and over 100 exhibitors from around the world are expected to attend the World Spa & Well-being Convention 2013.

According to Andrew Jacka, President TSPA “This year, in keeping with the ‘elements’, WSWC will feature a theme of ‘water’ across all aspects of the exhibition, congress and the awards night.  From Science to Art, through Health & Healing, the spa industry is reliant upon water, yet we use this resource with abandon and in uncontrolled quantities.  From life-giving to life-resonance, we will explore the science and artistic merit of water,” he said “providing an opportunity to understand how water in all its forms (gas, liquid or solid) is or can be used in the spa and well-being industry. During the Congress, nine (9) technical experts and industry professionals from across the world will provide a wealth of information that is vital to spa industry professionals,” he added.

The World Spa & Well-being Convention 2013 will take a multi-faceted approach, with an extended 4-day exhibition, and a 2-day congress, giving exhibitors and business leaders a range of opportunities to network, build business connections and be inspired by innovations.  Special exhibition highlights include Elemental Registration, an Education Village, Spa Concierge, World Spa Pavilion and Business Matching activities.

TSPA is also organizing the Thailand Spa & Well-being Awards (TSWA) during the event, with a formal night of night celebrations of excellence, featuring a celebration of internationally lauded Thai arts.

Phattiraporn Khwiesanun, TSPA Vice President said “With the theme of Education, Standards & Innovation, The World Spa & Well-being Convention will continue to set new standards for the spa and well-being sector and help strengthen the industry for the future.”

“Annual industry growth rates are usually in double digits, with Spas having become an attractive business opportunity and an increasingly important component of the tourism industry,” she explained.

“The World Spa & Well-being Convention 2013 will enhance the image of Thailand in the world spa market, feature quality spa operators and business suppliers, while encouraging the development of higher industry standards, and the promotion of service and product innovation, through the latest products and technologies to key decision makers from across the region, enabling new business connections to be forged between exhibitors and business leaders,” she said.

Source = IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center
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