NSW Gov’t supports VET recommendations


NSW Government praised for its response to the final Visitor Economy Taskforce report.

The NSW Government’s response to the final report of the Visitor Economy Taskforce (VET) has been recognised as a step in the right direction, welcomed with open arms by the entire tourism and hospitality industry.

The Tourism Industry Council NSW, the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) and Tourism Accommodation Australia (TAA) described the government’s response as positive; highlighting the commitment expressed to each representative body.

Tourism Industry Council NSW chairman Ken Corbett said the government’s actions were “sound and solid” and was particularly pleased with the support to relax the current restrictions on aircraft movements at Sydney Airport.

“Many of the recommendations of the Visitor Economy Taskforce have been supported or have already commenced,” Mr Corbett said.

“The benefits of a whole of government approach to strategic planning to achieve economic growth such as co-ordination with Transport for NSW and the Long Term Transport Master Plan are worthy examples of this objective.”

A plan to increase the length of stay and spend by cruise ship visitors to our state was recommended.

ATEC managing director Felicia Mariani was pleased to see Destination Management Planning (DMP) practices highlighted in the state government’s response, partnered with a clear understanding of the capacity of each area to engage global consumers.

“The mapping of NSW accommodation supply and demand will provide a strong framework for understanding some of the gridlocks and opportunities in our tourism offering,” Ms Mariani said.

 “This will provide essential information that will feed into the development of the DMP’s and into key tourism infrastructure for the future.”

The state government’s decision to deliver an Accommodation Supply Plan was embraced by TAA (NSW) director Carol Giuseppi who has been a strong advocate for monitoring Sydney’s hotel market in order to better understand the development cycle and create a sustainable operating environment.

“The research clearly showed that in order to have a sustainable hotel sector in Sydney, Government must take a balanced approach focused on supply, demand and infrastructure,” Ms Giuseppi said.

“The study also recommended that any intervention in the market needs to be targeted and undertaken in a responsible manner – so we welcome the Government’s initiatives.”

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T
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