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Cover-More has expressed disappointment at the unnecessary and meaningless accusations made against Australia’s leading travel insurance company.

Cover-More Group CEO, Peter Edwards, said Cover-More continues to set product and ethical standards for the Australian travel insurance industry.

He completely rejected any claim by SureSave that Cover-More had engaged in any misleading behaviour.

“Their claim was purely calculated to damage Cover-More’s reputation and our lawyers responded to their concerns last week.

“They are upset about an internal staff training document we prepared in September which showed the significant advantages of Cover-More travel insurance against other products in the market. It was factually correct at that point in time and was not intended for dissemination to travel agents.

“Cover-More continues to set product quality benchmarks for others to follow and it is pleasing for resellers and consumers of travel insurance that competitors are attempting to emulate this standard through changes in their product offering.

“The real winners here are consumers, the travelling public,” Peter Edwards said.

He also rejected SureSave’s further accusations of questionable conduct.

“Cover-More’s continues to set the ethical benchmark for the industry. Each year, we insure more than 1.6 million travellers and we pay more claims, more rapidly, than any other provider.”

“We recently invited our customers to share their stories on the Product Review website in a promotion which complied with Australian regulatory requirements.”

“These are real stories and real experiences from real people. The accusations that these are ‘cash for comments’ is completely disrespectful to the Australians who shared their stories.

“This is shabby, irresponsible behaviour from SureSave and they should be ashamed of themselves.”

"This is a simple act of grandstanding by a competitor. Over the past months Cover-More has reinvested heavily on building value in the travel agency channel through initiatives such as and through the inclusion of Global SIM cards with the purchase of comprehensive travel insurance policies—the response from the market has been overwhelming.”

“We have focused on ensuring the agency channel remains relevant against strong campaigns by online players. Clearly, they are feeling the pressure. I would encourage them to similarly look to find ways of creating value for agents and spend less time on costly, litigious pursuits of competitors.”

Source = Cover-More
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