Bagsnatches beware… Suresave smarts up travellers


The troubling travel trend of bag snatching is on the rise, so travel insurance provider Suresave has come up with a range of tips for agents to help their customers protect themselves.

According to Suresave, 47 percent of bag snatching claims originate from South East Asia, 25 percent occur in Europe and 16 percent in South America.

Travellers can reduce their chances of having their bag snatched by making a few small changes, according to Suresave executive director Michael McAuliffe.

Mr McAuliffe pointed out that bag snatchers are opportunistic thieves who don’t target their victims based on race, age or gender.

Suresave suggests that travellers don’t walk on the kerbside of the footpath, but instead move one or two steps away from the road to avoid a drive-by bag snatchers reach.

Putting your bag on the shoulder furthest from the road can also reduce the thieves’ opportunity.

 Making it obvious to bag snatchers that taking your bag will not be easy, loop your bag over your head and one shoulder.

Mr McAuIiffe suggested that if someone does try to snatch your bag it is best to let them take it rather than resist and fight.

"This is a good option especially if there’s nothing of any great value in the bag, so empty it of your passport, cash and credit cards – keep them in a money belt or pouch underneath your clothing," Mr McAuliffe said.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: K.W
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