Cover-More extends travel insurance cover for Easter Fiji travellers


Cover-More Travel Insurance (Cover-More) announced today they would cover cancellation or travel amendment costs available under their policy for Cover-More customers who had purchased cover before 30 March and planned to travel to a flood affected area of Fiji before 11 April. This date will continue to be revised in accordance with the developing circumstances in Fiji.

Cover-More Group CEO Peter Edwards said, ”There seems to be a considerable amount of confusion both here in Australia and in Fiji, about the level of support available to travellers – whether it be flights, medical assistance or insurance cover.

“Our aim is to help all of our customers by reducing the uncertainty around what may or may not be covered, by giving them the much-needed time and confidence to cancel their plans and make alternative travel arrangements for Easter,” Edwards said.

“Not all travel insurance cover is the same, with some providers only reimbursing costs if the hotel, tour or transport provider cancels the booking directly – we are saying, if you purchased a travel insurance policy before 30 March and planned to travel to a flood affected area of Fiji before 11 April, we have you covered.”
Cover-More is continuing to monitor the situation in Fiji by staying in close contact with hotel, tour and transport operators and travel agents.

“Since the situation in Fiji started unfolding, we have received a 35% increase in calls, with very concerned customers requiring some certainty about the financial impacts of the flooding on their travel plans.” Edwards continued.

“We are committed to ensuring that all of our customers know exactly where they stand—giving them the assurance and peace of mind that their travel insurance will provide the coverage they need at such a difficult time as well as direct access to our 24 hour emergency assistance team for those customers currently over there.”

Cover-More are contacting as many of their policyholders as possible, via email and SMS, to provide updated details of policy coverage.

“We have nearly 2,000 customers due to depart for Fiji over the next week. We encourage anyone with a Cover-More policy who has plans to travel to Fiji to check our website for up-to-date information, email or call us on 1300 72 88 22,” Edwards said.

In 2011 Cover-More provided travel insurance for over 105,000 Australian travelers heading to Fiji.

Source = Cover-More Travel Insurance
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