Moreton ups the ante in the domestic tourism game

Domestic tourism might be on the increase in Queensland’s urban areas but regional destinations are still fighting to keep up and in the case of one very special island, the fight to be seen has now become a business goal.

A creative campaign launched by Moreton Island Adventures this month is asking Aussies to rally in numbers via Facebook to show their support for getting Moreton Island on TV weather maps.

Infectiously titled the Moreton Movement, the campaign’s end game is to show through broadcast exposure, just how close the iconic and much loved Island is to the mainland.

With leisure tourism up in Queensland’s major cities and urban destinations, domestic visits to the state remained down by 7 percent at the end of last financial year a drop linked to visitation decreases in regional areas. 

Chief Executive Officer of Moreton Island Adventures Roz Shaw said domestic recognition would give the island the boost in local tourism it needed to keep up with urban destinations.

“Moreton Island is only a 75 minute trip from Brisbane, yet many Australian’s tend to overlook the island when planning their holidays. 

“With this campaign, we want to remind people just how accessible beautiful Moreton Island is and why it should be on every Aussie’s to do travel list!” she said.   

Two weeks into the campaign and the tactic is working. Aussies have been all too willing to lend their muscle to the power of the petition and help get Moreton Island on the map.

The Moreton Movement has garnered support from over 2,100 Australians, and with just less than three months to go, is on target to reach the 10,000 milestone.

It is hoped 40,000 petition signatures will be gained by March 12, 2012 and that this support will convince the powers that be to make some room in the forecast for this beautiful and picturesque Queensland destination.

Tourism Queensland Director Sharon Raguse, said Tourism Queensland was supportive of any campaign that helped raise the profile of Moreton Island as one of Queensland’s most picturesque destinations.

"Moreton Island conveys so much of Queensland and Australia’s identity with its beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear water and cultural heritage – why wouldn’t Australians want to support such an iconic destination?"  


Source = Red PR
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