Seadream Taps Into Raw Truth Of “Life Transformation Program”

SEADREAM Yacht Club has introduced an optional “Raw Food” (also known as “Living Food”) menu aboard its boutique mega motor-cruisers SeaDream I and SeaDream II that it says is the first of its kind at sea.

It says “Raw” or “Living” food refers to a style of preparation in which all ingredients are raw, organic and vegan (no fish, meat, eggs or dairy), and nothing is heated above 118 degrees F (47.78C) in order to retain all healthy micro nutrients.

SeaDream’s Norwegian owners, Linn and Atle Brynestad were excited by the health benefits they personally experienced while eating “raw foods” during a  stay at the Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) in West Palm Beach, Florida, and subsequently asked HHI’s Executive Chef, Renate Waller to bring her talents to SeaDream’s galley.

Renate worked with SeaDream’s Corporate Chef, Sudesh Kishore to create a special, optional menu of delicious, gourmet raw food dishes. “Switching to a high percentage of raw, living plant-based foods, enables people to reclaim feeling great and being well” says Renate.

SeaDream’s Sudesh Kishore said the company’s reputation for providing a stellar culinary experience remains of utmost importance, with the “raw food” menu an added option. “If you come aboard to enjoy filet mignon and double chocolate mousse, by all means it’s on the menu” he said, adding that nobody else at sea is offering this style of raw cuisine. “One might assume “raw food” is boring or bland, but guests who choose to try it say it is a tasty surprise.”

SeaDream’s “Raw Food” dishes include Watercress Tang that’s a liquid mélange of watercress, Anjou pear, lime and pineapple while the Blood Apple Blaster is a blend of apple, ginger, red beet, lime juice and agave. Salad options include Asian style Cashew Curry Salad; crunchy and slightly spicy. Main courses include a Vegetable Lasagna that uses pasta-like noodles made from spinach leaves and coconut meat, layered between a spicy cauliflower mash topped with a sun-dried tomato marinara.

There are also “Raw Food” desserts including a tempting Cashew Lemon Cheese Cake with a crust made from almonds and dates and the filling’s main ingredients are cashews, lemon juice, almond milk and coconut butter. For those who prefer sugar free, that is available too.

The Hippocrates Health Institute was created over five decades ago and has developed its Life Transformation Program into the definitive blueprint for transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. The Institute helps people radically change their health by teaching them how to trade nutrient-deficient, "dead" foods to a diet rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and plant-based proteins. The Hippocrates plan, replete with fresh sprout and vegetable juices, wheatgrass, colorful salads, nuts, seeds, and fruit, supplies the oxygen, enzymes, alkalinity, and bioelectrical charges vital to cellular and general health.


Source = Seadream Yacht Club
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