Pacific flagged as priority for Warwick

Shankar (Warwick Le Lagon) with Richard at Tok Tok Vanuatu

Warwick International Hotels president Richard Chiu says the luxury accommodation group remains focused on the Pacific, with two new properties already slated for the region.        

According to Mr Chiu, construction on the Warwick Samoa Resort will begin early next year, taking 12 to 14 months to complete, while a new resort in Tonga has been earmarked for a late 2013 completion.       

And the Warwick boss would not rule out opening a property in Australia in the near future.  

“The Pacific is very much one of our major areas of activity,” Mr Chiu told media on the final evening of this year’s Tok Tok Vanuatu.   

“We are great believers in the Pacific.”

With two properties in Fiji and the Le Lagon Resort and Spa in Vanuatu, the Warwick boss said the group’s aim was to make itself “one of the most recognisable names in the Pacific”, aided by the brand’s Warwick South Pacific Club loyalty programme.     

“We are probably the largest luxury hotel group in the Pacific in terms of spread,” Mr Chiu said.

Warwick International Hotels comprises “6,000 rooms across five continents” and the group will officially open its first property in the Middle East in Jordan “in around two months”.

A whirlwind visit to Vanuatu by the Paris-based Chiu culminated with the Le Lagon property receiving an award for Best Accommodation Booth at Tok Tok.
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