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The team here at e-Travel Blackboard are constantly pursuing new ways that improve our readers experience when visiting our websites.

You have been asking for the ability to save the homepage as a PDF so you can print it off and read it later. We have today installed this new functionality, not only for the homepage, but for every sub-page including all news article pages.


To save a page as a PDF file click the red PDF icon on the right hand side of the header of each page.
A pop-up box appears alerting you to the progress of the file’s creation.
Once complete you click the download file link in the pop-up box to open your newly created PDF file.

Once open in PDF reader you can save this file to your hard drive, print-off and read later, email it and share the document with your colleagues.

Thank you for reading e-Travel Blackboard. We appreciate your ongoing support.

If you have further comments or feedback please email us at

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