Got to go to Guam, Micronesia

It’s a must-see for agents and consumers, according to Guam Visitors Bureau marketing officer Felix Reyes, who told e-Travel Blackboard the best time to see Micronesia would be now, before news of its hidden beauties reaches the masses.

Exposing glimpses of the region earlier this week at the Explore Micronesia showcase in Sydney, the undeniable and key attraction in the region is its untouched and unspoiled, which Mr Reyes explained was because Micronesia is yet to welcome mass numbers of tourists.

However, it won’t be long until they do come, he explained.
Catering to all types of travellers from shoppers, divers, history buffs, golfers and even those who just like to laze around the sun, Mr Reyes added that the treasure of Micronesia is the uniqueness behind each island.

While Mr Reyes’ home-island of Guam is known for its beachside retail therapy, with authentic US designer brands and the largest 24 hour target running alongside the ocean, the island of Chuuk offers divers of all levels of experience the opportunity to explore the largest underwater museum.

Originally used as a navy base for Japan during World War 2, Chuuk Lagoon now boasts being surrounded by the largest underwater wreckages, with up to 40 ships, three planes and a submarine.

Chuuk, also known as Truk Lagoon dive centre manager Cindy Hall explained to e-Travel Blackboard that wreckage lay in “pristine” condition underneath the Lagoon’s waters since the base was attacked by the US in February 1944. 

“It’s not rusted over like other underwater wreckages,” she described.

“Parts of it is covered with coral so it glows during the evening and we have the best night diviing.”

Ms Hall added that the benefit of the underwater museum is that the majority of ships are at a shallow depth, allowing diving beginners the opportunity to see the wreckages as well as more experienced divers.

Agents from Sydney were embraced the opportunity to learn all this and at the Explore Micronesia showcase earlier this week.

Click here for more information or to see photos from the annual event.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J
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