MC microsite puts travel under the microscope

MasterCard Worldwide has launched a new microsite, giving users the chance to discover the ‘connectedness’ of the world’s most popular travel destinations through an examination of air travel and spending trends. 

A key feature on is an interactive world map which charts air travel between 132 cities featured in the recently released MasterCard Worldwide Index of Global Destination Cities.       

Data on the map is sorted by top origin cities of visitors or by the most popular outbound destinations from each city and offers detailed information on international expenditure as well as business travel.

According to the Index, European cities dominate the world’s top destinations, accounting for 10 of the top 20 most popular cities by arrivals. London (20.1 million) and Paris (18.1million) came in first and second on the list.

Asia/Pacific was also highly represented in the Index with eight destinations ranked inside the top 20 for international arrivals and six inside the top 10 for growth. Bangkok ranked third (11.5 million) for visitor numbers, followed by Singapore in fourth (11.4 million) and Hong Kong in fifth (10.9 million).     

In terms of visitor expenditure, London (US$25.6 billion), New York (US$20.3 billion) and Paris (US$14.6 billion) topped the rankings followed by Bangkok (US$14.4 billion) and Frankfurt (US$14 billion). 

Interestingly, Sydney and Melbourne did not figure in the top 20 destinations by arrival numbers but came in at an impressive 6th and 19th respectively when it came to visitor expenditure.



Source = e-Travel Blackboard: M.H
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