George gropes for words as guests dine underwater at reefsleep

Image courtesy of Japanese travel writer, Shimpei Ito.

‘I was in the neighbourhood and thought l’d drop in for dinner’. George the Giant Queensland Grouper delighted guests staying overnight at Fantasea Adventure Cruising’s offshore Reefsleep accommodation in the Whitsundays when he gatecrashed their dinner in the underwater viewing observatory.

Japanese travel writer Shimpei Ito had his camera handy and was able to take this spectacular photo of the inquisitive George, named by Fantasea staff and Reefworld’s largest resident at approximately three metres in length.

Groupers can reach a length of up to 3m and an estimated weight of 400kg. A 1.5m Queensland Grouper was found to be approximately 35 years old, so George is likely to be quite a bit older. He  has been entertaining tourists at Hardy reef since the early 1980s, providing much excitement for day visitors and Reefsleep guests.

51 nautical miles offshore from Airlie Beach, Reefworld is the largest floating pontoon facility in Australia with day trippers diving and snorkelling by day and staying in the exclusive, Reefsleep floating accommodation on Hardy Reef, by night.
Source = Fantasea
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