Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau’s Connections Plus 2011

It started with a call to believe in Thailand’s ability to inspire business success and ended with reaffirmation in the country’s ability to achieve not only its goals, but the goals of its global business friends.

For a quick rundown on the happenings of last week’s Connections Plus 2011 in Bangkok and Hua Hin, click on the links below.

Flight Review British Airways Flight 10 – Sydney to Bangkok

Be it Johnny Depp or Gene Wilder, BA’s tribute to Roald Dahl in their in-flight entertainment had me channelling my inner Oompa Loompa (minus the orange skin and green hair) on my journey to Bangkok.

In the lap of luxury: Connections Plus 2011

A fast-track through the rigmarole of Airport Arrivals, our own butlers, a police escort as we travel through the country: the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) has pulled out all the stops to highlight Thailand’s luxury MICE offerings.

Elements lifted at the Royal Orchid Sheraton

Bangkok’s Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel welcomed Connections Plus media delegates in an event that saw the closure of three its floors, an impressive décor and, of course, delicious food.

A tuk-tuk convoy with police escort? Only in Thailand

Amid all the luxury on offer by TCEB, for MICE travellers sometimes luxury is more than a crazy, hilarious, city-stopping exhibition of a long line of tuk-tuks filled with foreign VIPs; luxury can be the sudden silence of a hidden corner in a busy temple or getting caught in an afternoon shower forcing you to stop and look around.

When slinging mud is great for business: TCEB Connections Plus 2011

It was a simple strategy: take out the big ones in a surprise attack, leaving the little ones ripe for a hostile takeover. I did not count on the agility, cunning and cheekiness of the children of Khok Chang School, Hua Hin.

e-Travel Blackboard wins award at Connections Plus Thailand

I always suspected there was something dirty about awards ceremonies. And for the fabulous folk at Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) and the ultra-cute kindergarteners of Khok Chang School, I not only got my hands dirty, but dirtied my feet, face, ears, hair, nose and mouth too.

Thailand: the new luxury MICE destination

Following the success of the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau’s (TCEB) ‘Believe in Thailand’ campaign, TCEB president Akapol Sorasuchart has announced Thailand is now well-positioned to market itself as the new luxury MICE destination.

Thai government transition to help MICE industry

The smooth transition into power of its newly elected government will show the world that Thailand is worth believing in and will help the country’s MICE industry, said the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) president.

Royal favourite set for MICE popularity

Frequented by royalty and the crème de la crème of Thai society, Thailand’s Hua Hin has been named among the country’s five luxurious destinations in its latest MICE marketing campaign.

Postcards from TCEB’s Connections Plus 2011

A marriage of luxury and convenience, from go to whoa this year’s Connections Plus programme hosted by Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau highlighted Bangkok and Hua Hin as top luxury MICE destinations.

Thai MICE industry worth billions: TCEB

This year Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) is expecting 720,000 MICE visitors into Thailand, generating some USD1.9 billion.

Flight Review British Airways Flight 9 – Bangkok to Sydney

Departing new friends and their lovely country, a chesty cough and the fear of a big pile of work to get through: these factors did not stop me from having a good (and productive) flight.

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: G.A
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