Miami welcomes first ‘gay’ US hotel

The Cha Cha Rooster Bar

Miami Beach is likely to see an increase in travellers from the GLBT community after launching America’s first gay hotel chain, Lords Hotel.

Located at Miami’s South Beach, the new accommodation block has been praised for making a “quantum leap in gay travel”, offering its guests a relaxed and cool environment complete with Cha Cha bars and Liza Minnelli posters.

With plans to launch the chain in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco owner Brian Gorman told the Gawker that the concept came after surveying 20,000 gay Americans and found that they would opt to stay in a gay oriented hotel over other options.

He added that from its conception his aim was the build a hotel that would relax guests with its fun environment.

“You know, so many products in the boutique world are about ‘We’re so cool that, like, if you want to walk into the lobby, you have to put on the sunglasses, instead of taking them off,” Mr Gorman said.

“What I wanted was a place where people would come and automatically be disarmed by the design.”

According to Mr Gorman, the hotel was constructed within four months, a short period to avoid over thinking the product.

“I think more time makes for an overdesigned, over thought product, whereas what we did was from the gut,” he concluded.
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J
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