Launch of IGLTA Tripping Network Gives LGBT Travelers an Easy Way to Connect

Tripping, a social travel site with members in more than 100 countries, announced the launch of the IGLTA Tripping Network, a platform that allows LGBT travelers to connect with each other for conversation, shared cups of coffee and even home stays all around the world.  The site is free and its mission is to make the world a better place through cultural exchange. 

Built on a social networking platform, Tripping gives travelers a safe and easy way to meet local people who are interested in meeting up for a drink, showing them around and even providing a spare room or sofa. As LGBT travelers can sometimes face additional challenges and safety issues, Tripping is dedicated to providing LGBT travelers with a safe space to connect with other LGBT travelers, businesses and locals all over the world.

Keeping members safe is a top priority, therefore Tripping offers a wide range of safety mechanisms through its TripSafe Program, including references, anonymous ratings, video validation and an emergency hotline for all its members.

"Imagine traveling to a new country and being welcomed by locals who introduce you to their favorite LGBT-friendly spots and even invite you into their homes to share a meal or sleep in their spare room," said Jen O’Neal, Co-Founder and CEO of Tripping.  "Tripping is all about facilitating cross-cultural connections and we’re excited to offer members of the LGBT community a safe way to connect with each other all around the globe."

IGLTA, as the leading global organization dedicated to connecting businesses in the LGBT tourism industry, is also excited to provide its members with a new, safe and easy way to connect while traveling. 

“One of our primary goals for fall 2011 and beyond is to grow our database of gay and lesbian travelers and help them to more easily connect with our LGBT-welcoming member businesses,” says John Tanzella, President/CEO of IGLTA. “This partnership is an excellent opportunity to grow our IGLTA travel community on a global scale while bringing our members together, both online and in person.”

Source = Tripping / IGLTA
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