Australians Flock to Tahiti Online



Australians are flocking to Tahiti Tourisme’s social networking sites in droves, turning the tourism body’s official Facebook page into a one-stop-shop for Tahiti and her islands.

Glued to the constant stream of up-to-date information and hot deals, consumers and travel agents alike are using the social networking site like never before.

“Despite starting as a consumer social network, more and more agents are calling to ask questions about property updates, specials and general information that they’ve gleaned from a Facebook status update,” Tahiti Tourisme’s Regional Director Robert Thompson said.

“As well as highlighting the latest deals, our Facebook page shows off enticing holiday snaps and YouTube clips posted by our fans, runs exclusive competitions and provides regular updates on hotels, events and activities.”

Recently, Tahiti Tourisme’s Facebook page surpassed 5000 fans.
On Twitter (, Tahiti Tourisme’s followers are kept updated on everything ranging from the latest island holiday specials to which Hollywood stars are chilling out on the legendary island of Bora Bora.

The push to promote Tahiti online is already producing results, with official statistics showing last year’s 6 per cent growth out of Australia leaping to 23 per cent in January this year, the latest month for which statistics are available.

“Some of this is down to the strength of the Australian dollar, but our social networking is certainly helping to get the word out and we expect further growth as we continue to connect with our online fans,” Mr Thompson said.

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Source = Tahiti Tourisme
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